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General Information

Adding a Listing

Web listings are fee based listings which can be discounted for multi-year commitments. Upon approval and payment, a listing will be added to the site and a rating will automatically be calculated. This rating will establish a listings rank amoung other listings. Read: "Improving a Rating" for more information on improving a listings rating for better rank.

Managing a Listing

Upon adding a Listing to the site each participant also established a primary account email. This primary account email also serves as the primary username for the account. Simply login or reset your password above to gain access a business listings management pages. Changes will be applied to the listing once approved.

Improving a Rating

The Site "Rating" system is an internal rating system based on a proprietary algorithm which takes many factors into account to sort and rank current site listings throughout the site.

Despite the fixed nature of the system, a Listings rating can be partially improved by a Listee. Some suggested methods to increase a listings rank include:

(1) Maximizing the Information Provided
Each piece of business information, image and description provided in a listing improves the quality of the listing and therefore, may add to or subtract from a business listings rating. Our propietary algorithm automatically calculates these values.

(2) Buy/Pre-purchase Inquiries
Each inquiry opportunity may also include rating points which can boost a listings rating.

(3) Buy Advertise space
Each advertising opportunity also may include rating points which can boost a listings rating significantly. Advertising positions and offerings vary but, when available, advertising your business or special offer is often a great method to boost a listings rating.

(4) Direct Pay for Products which include Rating Points
Better position via a better rating may also be accomplished by the direct purchase of Products which include Rating points. Offers may vary but an example would be the purchase of a product which includes ✭100 rating points would increase a listings rating by ✭100 points and improve this listing rank for a defined period of time (usually a year).

(5) Improve Your Indirect Ratings
Now and in the future, the "Rating" algorithm may also take into consideration a listings rating outside our network including: other search engine rankings, positive and negative reviews from partner sites and other factors which may be reflected in a listings rating.

Account Recovery

Restoring or changing a primary account email, also used for login, can only be accomplished by contacting PartyCache Support directly.

Collected Visitors Information

Listings often generate informational requests from site guests. Upon receipt, these requests are directly forwarded to a listings primary email account, notification emails and text messaging lists. Informational requests are not forwarded to accounts who have elected not to receive notifications or have an account balance due. Informational Request are also not shared with other listing at any time.

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